How to train your employees to use the ERP system


Implementing an ERP system attracts  series of challenges. But these challenges don’t represent a dead end in the implementation process, but  are a thing that managers have to keep in mind in order for the soft to be implemented successfully in the company.

The biggest challenge is how to instruct the employees. A new ERP system is a vast platform  that can’t be operated  without a good knowledge of how to use it. In this case, the manager has two possibilities: either is buying a user manual for every employee depending on what ERP system is or will be implemented – a thing that is not recommended because in the emergency or under pressure cases, it might take longer to the employees to find the needed information, or they instruct them by keeping some training sessions that usually the software solution supplier offers so you can make the implementation.

For this process the managers must allocate from the beginning a separate budget for workshops and it’s recommended to be 17 % from the total sum of the ERP implementation.

When you opt for a training session, you must keep in mind few aspects regarding the communication with the employees:

  1. Communicate clearly to the employees which are the benefits and what abilities they will get after the training – the employees tend to be more preoccupied by the final result than the activities that they have to pass in order to get there, that is why is very important for them to understand why they need to pass through the entire process and with what this training will help them.
  2. Offer personalized information – most companies have different departments and the employees have positions in different domains , so the employees need to be separate in groups according to the departments that they are in so that the training session can be more relevant and easy to understand for them.
  3. Concentrate on  the results – the purpose of those training sessions is to help employees to understand how and ERP system works and how you can operate with it. It’s worthless to make your employees pass through modules that are not well established or  aren’t efficient. You must concentrate on real scenarios that happen in the daily activity of a company.
  4. Make special training for the industry from which the company is – these training sessions needs to be personalized, it is recommended to use specific examples that have a connection with the daily activity of the company. The purpose is to make the employees familiar with how they can use the ERP system.

The training of the employees is the key element on which the implementation on an ERP system depends on. If they have the appropriate preparation and the right abilities to operate an ERP system, then the results won’t be late in coming.