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With a turnover exceeding 36 million Euros, Delaco is one of the top players in the dairy market.


Permanently extending the range of products and the international development of the business led to a considerable growth of the the number of employees in a short time. Thus, the human resources department has faced many difficulties in managing staff, which reached approximately 400 people. It was necessary to implement a comprehensive and complex solution, to manage a high volume of employees and to be flexible over many specific requirements.


The project developed by Delaco meant to not only to implement WizSalary solution to optimize the staff management and wage calculation, but also to bring numerous developments and customization to fully meet the company’s business requirements.


Among the benefits of implementing WizSalary solution we can include:

• efficient management of personnel;
• maintaining a comprehensive database and constantly updated with employees, allowing retrieval of cases (people born in a particular month, dependent children, etc.).
• obtaining real-time reporting and analysis on the structure of personnel, employee turnover and other information of interest to the decision process.


I can say now that with WizSalary we have timely reports on the staff turnover of a certain period, the number of inputs and outputs, a distribution of staff by every department, accounting cost center and recording the personal data of employees.

Rodica Stirbu

Human Resources Manager

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