Frauenthal Automotive

Frauenthal Automotive produces trapezoidal and parabolic springs for automotive industry. The factory is owned by Frauenthal AG group from 2005, the year when the investment in technology has accelerated. The company has increased productivity in recent years, while reducing the number of employees and making significant investments in technology.


All this actions required the acquisition of an integrated informatics solution that can allow them to meet the standards required by the automotive industry and also to plan all the deliveries to our partners in an integrated system.


In the selection process for the best offer for an ERP solution, Frauenthal Automotive chose Wizrom both due to our implementation team experience and the numerous functionalities integrated into the proposed solution - WizPro.

Thus, Frauenthal Automotive chose to implement WizPro solution, integrated with a Warehouse Management dedicated application, WarehouseExpert, ensuring an efficient information flow both, internally and in the relationship with our partners and suppliers, through production modeling and planning functionalities, as well as native integration with the sales and supply module.


The first benefits from the implementation process consisted in an increase efficiency of our supply chain and sales activities, ensuring maximum use of resources, increasing inventory and operations accuracy

Wizrom implemented the commercial module (Financial, Purchasing, Inventory, Marketing&Sales, CRM, Management reports), including Production module and the specific application for Warehouse Management: WarehouseExpert, all on-site licensing.

Long-term benefits consist in optimizing acquisition of raw material according to production planning (both production orders and production phases), generating OLAP reports for each business module and having online and real time information available through a friendly graphical interface that can be customized at any time.

The benefits provided by WizPro solution include:

  • Achieving top marks from the audit conducted by corporate partners;
  • Optimizing processes by using EDI automotive standards with corporate partners;
  • Streamlining and improving the supply chain and sales;
  • Create external reports according to required standards;
  • Acquisition planning of raw materials according production planning by orders and production phases;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Decreasing stocks and demand coverage;
  • Ensure maximum usage of resources;
  • Inventory and operations optimization;


Wizrom managed to solve one of the major challenges, that is automated interfacing between WizPro and the integrated systems used by our customers.

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