UNICONF operates from 2005 in Zalau, Salaj county. Although we initially used WizCount, in time we felt the need of implementing an ERP system. WizPro proved to be the right program for a manufacturing company, with a high information flow. We successfully use sales, purchases, production, and financial modules. The fact that it allows data import/ export from/ to Excel is a great operational help.

Our activity is quite specific, because of the great number of stages and operations included in the manufacturing of textile products. Each stitch, each joint represents a unique operations that needs to be described, standardized and followed in the production process, than included in the flow in that correct order that generates cost-efficiency.

It is precisely here where the production module implemented by Wizrom helped us and continues to support us, because it ordinates the operations, especially as the textile industry is characterized by often and complex changes of models. Let’s not forget about the MRP (Material Resource Planning).

We are so happy to have the Wizrom’s team support, which proved to be a reliable partner since 2005.

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