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Business Analytics

It is the first solution which brings social media into business management and offers a direct interaction with the relevant individuals. Necto is a collaborative solution, which allows the companies exploit the “social intelligence” power, in order to get contextualized and highly-relevant information. The solution takes into account the need for greater interaction and collaboration to achieve targets, being the most adapted to a visionary management style.

  • New dimension to your visualizations with boundless, dynamic contextual info-graphics for astonishing dashboards, in-cell analytics, and visual real-time alerts
  • Measure and monitor key business performance metrics using personalized graphics
  • Design and intuitively explore analytical business processes


  • Capacity to work with predictive analyses and highlight exceptions so managers can easily identify exceptional situations
  • Ability to continuously examine new data and review historic data in new ways
  • Availability of a rich set of preconfigured analyses, by market verticals, making Necto easy to connect to databases in virtually any ERP
  • Through its smart BI engine, Necto analyzes users’ behavior and understands their preferences, thus being able to recommend insights and suggest to users who they should collaborate with to achieve best results.
  • Fiti mereu informat cu privire la planurile de productie, statusul comenzilor in lucru, rebuturile, gradul de utilizare a echipamentelor si alte variabile cheie in domeniul productiei.
  • Dobanditi o intelegere clara privind veniturile, cheltuielile, marja de profit si fluxurile de numerar.


Necto allows the users’ interaction within reports, in a- Facebook like way. Users can attach any kind of media (pictures, graphics, movies) to their analyses, in order to make understanding and relating easier


This function enables identification and classification of the exceptions, on which events alerts are generated; Necto is the first BI solution which can define the exception on its own, then generate cause-and-effect analyses on sudden sales drop on a certain segment or region, or on sales grows, unpredicted costs occurrence, and on many other phenomena.



By integrating this technology, Necto provides any-time and any-place access, with possibility to seamlessly analyze real-time data, integrating applications and features for information collecting, keeping, access and processing


This function ensures connection through mobile devices, enhancing managers capability to evaluate cases and take the necessary decisions


“Bubble-up exceptions” feature empowers alerts setting into the system anytime an exception appears in the analyzed data

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