The Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation gets digital for payroll and time and attendance

The Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation, a center of excellence for palliative care, will use a modern IT system to manage human resources, aiming to streamline recurrent staff management operations.

Thus, the 250 NGO employees providing free care for children and adults with incurable illnesses who often do not afford these treatments, will be managed through the instrumentality of two free software systems provided by Wizrom, which will significantly reduce the time spent on data processing and document issuance.

“The impact we have through our projects is due to our motivated team who dedicates itself to every patient. We are glad that Wizrom stands in with us by supporting the streamlining of human resources department activity, at the end of the day our common goal being to allocate as much resources as possible for the services offered to our patients“, Mirela Nemtanu, CEO Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation, declares.

Thus, with WizSalary application, Wizrom will ensure for Hospice Casa Sperantei personnel administration, payroll and specific reporting, while WizOne will allow registration of time and attendance data for the team. The solutions will be personalized too, in order to meet the Foundation’s work requirements (such as work schedules) and specific wage calculations for health professionals.

Wizrom also offers all the related services with the implementation of the software solutions, from detailed requirements analysis, personalized application setting to Hospice Casa Sperantei specifics, as well as training courses and support for go-live, all free of charge.

“Hospice Casa Sperantei Foundation is a benchmark when it comes to palliative care in Eastern Europe, and we are glad that through our expertise we are able to support the team in the following projects. Moreover, we are certain that this is the beginning of a long-term partnership through which we will further contribute to Romania’s healthcare development”, Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom Software, states.

Wizrom is actively involved in a number of projects which aim to develop healthcare in Romania, the most important program being SHI Training Fellowership, based on which Romanian resident doctors have the chance to work for three years at Sheba Hospital. In exchange for these scholarships they will have to return to Romania and work in a public hospital for at least 5 years.

Wizrom Software implements ERP systems (the widest implemented ERP solution in Romania), WMS, TMS, SFA, CRM, BI and more, with a total of 4.100 active clients and over 40.000 installed licenses.

About HOSPICE Casa Sperantei

Hospice Casa Sperantei is a non-profit organization established in 1992 in Brasov, which introduced the concept of palliative care in Romania. HOSPICE is the largest organization in the country providing free specialist palliative care services.

The organization has two integrated services centers in Brasov and Bucharest and mobile teams in Fagaras and Zarnesti, in order to care for children and adults suffering from an incurable illness. HOSPICE has developed holistic palliative care services which are provided through day centers, out-patient clinics, in-patient units, home visits and partner hospitals. During all the 25 years of existence, HOSPICE has brought relief and hope to over 22.000 children and adults suffering from incurable illnesses.

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei develops palliative care at a national and international level through information, education and training programs dedicated to professionals, patients and community and through work to improve the legislation. For more information, please see You can also find us on Facebook  and Instagram.