Wizrom Software has two Managing Directors

Wizrom Software has – starting this month – two Managing Directors, Zemy Apfelbaum and Adrian Bodomoiu.
Until now, Zemy Apfelbaum activated within the company as Sales & Marketing Manager, while Adrian Bodomoiu was Operations Manager for Wizrom.
“We made an option for this management modality for a maximum valorization of the existing opportunities on the regional business solutions market, as well as of the partnership with One1 Software, one of the most important IT companies in Israel. I’m certain that we will succeed in this direction, if we also take into account the experience we both gained during these years we spent in Wizrom”, Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom Software, declared.
Zemy Apfelbaum developed his activity in Wizrom since 1996, when he started as a consultant. Then, he became Implementation Manager, and in January 2000 he was promoted as Consulting Manager. Between January 2004–November 2007, Zemy Apfelbaum was Sales & Marketing Manager for Wizrom Software. He graduated the Faculty of Mathematics within the Bucharest University in 1997, had a scholarship in Paris between 1993-1994 and is now following a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.
“Considering that a great potential for the future growth of the company is given by our existing customers database and continuing our idea of being a long-term partner of the companies using our solutions, we decided to create a new department – Customer Service, aimed firstly to medium and large customers within our portfolio and to be extended in the future to serve all of our clients”, Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director Wizrom Software, stated.
Adrian Bodomoiu started his activity in Wizrom Software in 1994, as Service Consultant. In 1996, he became Service Manager, and four years later was appointed Research & Development Manager, position occupied until 2004, when advanced as Operations Manager. Adrian Bodomoiu graduated the Faculty of Physics within Bucharest University in 1995 and then took several database administration and application development courses, as well as management specializations.
The former General Manager, Cristian Udrescu, remains shareholder within Wizrom, but ended his executive activity for the company to launch in a series of personal projects.
"Wizrom Software was a life-changing experience. The people you work with are highly important, no matter the activity sector. I met intelligent customers, that requested a maximum of energy, and I had the chance to work with remarkable colleagues. I end my executive activity here to involve entirely in some personal projects, but I am convinced of the company’s future success, as I trust my successors’ experience. I wish both Zemy and Adrian a lot of success!”, the former General Manager Wizrom Software, Cristian Udrescu, affirmed.