Wizrom Software will implement for Romaqua Group Warehouse Expert, a management solution for warehouses and deliveries

Romaqua Group, the botler of the natural mineral water Borsec, decided to implement a warehouse management solution, Warehouse Expert, provided by Wizrom Software. "We are pleased that Romaqua Group selected our company for this important project. Our team will implement a single, scalable system that will be connected with other applications used by our client. As a first result of this implementation, we expect lower costs of storage and handling" declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

The solution offered by Wizrom will be implemented in all Romaqua Group factories and warehouses – results a project worth several hundred thousand euros and is scheduled to be completed within three months.

"The competitive environment requires a more precise approach of all activities and processes, in order to control and increase efficiency of operational costs. Wizrom solution will help us to implement traceability procedures, to increase productivity and accuracy of inventory and operations" declared Mr. Nicolae Palfi, vice President of Romaqua Group.

Warehouse Expert manages all operational related aspects (from receipt of the deposit, through the processes of storage, lifting and handling, loading and delivery, and to a more advanced functionality: billing, transfers between warehouses and others).

The advanced technology of Warehouse Expert assigns operations to the right person at theright time and place, maximizes the use of space and ensures the orders coverage in order to increase customer satisfaction an also offers a high degree of flexibility to meet future requirements.

WarehouseExpert solution is implemented in other FMCG companies and also in companies that activate in the following verticals: manufacturing, pharma and logistic services.