Supply Chain Management

In a world with intermittent demand patterns, SO99+ offers a stable performance of the supply chain, using statistical models which are highly reliable and scalable. The entire information resulting from statistical computations materializes in an automatic, real-time answer.

  • The only solution using stochastic optimization
  • Proved benefits for more than 250 companies in 31 countries
  • It helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers improve daily forecast accuracy and correctly set inventory targets
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  • SO99+ uses instead of a single possible reality about the processes time evolution, a future evolution described by probabilities distributions; this means that – although the initial condition is known – there are several ways the process can be continued, but some of them are more probable than others
  • Addressing with this statistical models the issues of volatile demand and starting from the assumption that this demand varies not just with the SKU, but in a strong relation between SKU and location, SO99+ brings the most correct possible forecasts, to get service levels of 99%+ and a significant stock reduction
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