Financial Management

One of Wizrom’s best seller, it is the most efficient, complex and easy-to-use integrated solution for business administration. It is highly effective in organizing and exploiting the economic information for company administration, going far from basic accountancy: it offers a large variety of reports, helpful for the stakeholders, for instance, but also for the auditors, authorities, etc.

  • Advanced features, the direct result of the experience gathered in over 20 years of implementations: serial numbers and expiration dates, inventory lots, documents generator, customized user menus function of access rights, the possibility to track budgets and cost/ profit centers
  • The most performant system in its range, the only solution including specialized modules for service, rent, consignment, contracts, production.
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  • Possibility to define a complex structure of cost/ profit centers and tools for budget analysis, as well as extra-accounting ones, which provides managers with a complex and yet easy to use solution for business management
  • Reports, statements and other documents required by Romanian and international standards (IAS, US GAAP) can be issued directly from the system, thus significantly reducing the time for their processing
  • Reports and documents generators provide high flexibility function of specific requirements, user/ department/ company level.


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