Amur Grup

amur grup
Descriere Amur Grup, a private company located in Iasi, produces and commercializes a wide range of building materials, including aluminium and PVC frameworks, unique and prototype industrial products. In just 8 years since its founding, the company managed to gain an important market share, on both the regional and national market, through the quality of its products and services.
Provocare The development of the company implied offering a more ample range of products, the improvement of the services, and internally - an important growth of the number of employees and the opening of two new subsidiaries in the region. In 2007, the company's management decided to purchase a software solution for the optimization of the business processes, for centralizing the operations of the various departments, for a better administration of the activities (financial, accounting, inventories, logistics, payroll, sales) and to obtain business related information in real time.
Solutii The company's choice was to implement the complex WizPro solution, both due to its functionalities and the experience Wizrom gained in when involved in large scale projects. Also, on mid-term, the partnership between Wizrom and Amur Grup will focus on implementing the Business Intelligence solution Panorama to improve and develop the management reports and analyses segment.

By implementing WizPro solution, the company gained benefits such as:

  • access to accurate analyses related to acquisitions, stocks level, the degree in which customer orders are satisfied;
  • getting a full view, in real time, of the business activities;
  • establishing a fluid communication between departments by implementing the business rules generator;
  • improvement of the inventory process;
  • document management.
Marturie WizPro is the software application that best corresponded to our expectations towards an ERP solution, and thanks to the professionalism and experience of the project team we have successfully finalized the implementation of the system for our company.
Reprezentant Domitian Covalciuc
Functie General Director