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A graduate from the Technion-Machon Technologi Le’ Israel, the Civil Engineering department (1979), and holding an MBA from the Tel-Aviv university, Zohara has accumulated a complex managing experience in both large scale projects (roads and public transportation, some with the World Bank) and a family business (production and distribution of fashion clothes). Based on intuition and showing a clear vision of the information systems’ future, she identifies a green field in the 1990s Romania, where she moves in right after the Revolution and founds Wizrom, thus setting a successful pioneering path.



Managing Director

Starts collaborating with Wizrom even before graduating the Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University, in 1997. Between 1998 and 2007, Adrian is the Executive Director, then occupies the nowadays position. In 2004 is part of the Wizrom team whose members get the ”Winning concept” certificate from TMUROT (Innovative Talent and Performance Solution), Israel, then he becomes an MBA, in 2008.



Managing Director

Graduates the Faculty of Mathematics from the Bucharest University, in 1997. Starts his collaboration with Wizrom in 1996, where keeps climbing the hierarchy ladder ever since, from the Consultant and Implementation Manager positions to the present one. Between 2003 andv 2004, Zemy develops his abilities within TMUROT (Innovative Talent and Performance Solution), Israel, and he graduates an MBA program in 2008.

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Mission, Vision, Values


We are keen to offer our partners intelligent and innovative solutions to help them get a fast and pleasant business success.


We will support the companies on their way to success by software solutions.


  1. The excellence resides in that attitude which helps us constantly surpass our performance standards; this is a necessary, yet not sufficient condition to build success on long term.
  2. The responsibility proves the entrepreneurial maturity which springs from the conviction that our clients’ benefits are ours in the meantime.
  3. The empathy is that instrument by which we fine tune our business to our clients’ requests and expectations; the more realistic and more detailed we know them, the more exemplary are the results we obtain.


Business Partners

partner priority software

Priority Software

Priority Software (formerly known as Eshbel Technologies) was founded in 1986 with the mission to make ERP easier. The company created a one-of-a-kind ERP package that is fully integrated, rich in functionality, and easy to work with from the start. Today, over 7,000 companies across a wide range of industries in 40 countries rely on WizPro to manage…
partner wizsoft


With a business focused on developing software based on mathematical algorithms, WizSoft currently has a customer base of over 35,000.
partner pocket link

Pocket Link

Using the most advanced technologies, Pocket Link gives an innovative approach for sales force optimization, bringing rapid benefits to companies implementing ASKI solution.
partner magic software

Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software, one of the main global suppliers of integration platforms and solutions, is present on the Romanian market with iBOLT Integration Suite.
partner panorama

Panorama Software

Providing a comprehensive BI solutions package, integrating innovative technologies, as well as social elements, Panorama supports customers from various market verticals, maintaining a 300-partners active network.
partner synerion


Synerion is one of the market leaders in workforce management solution, managing worldwide more than 5 million employees in over 7,000 companies.

Technology Partners

partner ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies

Ayehu develops and markets innovative solutions for the prevalent and costly problem of network and IT system downtime, bridging the gap between critical business situations and relevant human resources.
partner hp


With international operations is over 170 states, HP provides a complete portfolio of products, services and technology, addressing specific customer needs.
partner ibm


Innovation, diversity and the large covered array – hardware, software, services, research, financing and technology – is what uniquely differentiates IBM of other IT companies.
partner microsoft


The partnership initiated by promoting WizCount solution on SQL platforms was consolidated by receiving the Gold Certified Partner title, for ISV/ Software Solutions.
partner orange


Orange is one of the world leaders in telecommunications, providing mobile communication, Internet and television services to its 183,000,000 customers on 5 continents.
partner python

Python Systems

Understanding customer needs and general trends on the present IT market, Python provides complete hardware solutions, customized according to the necessities.

Local partners

partner comunitatea erp

ERP Community

ERP Community is a development, information, communication and social environment provided to those which are directly interested in purchasing, developing or improving an ERP solution and answers specific needs of all roles involved in this areas.
partner imst

Facultatea de Ingineria si Managementul Sistemelor Tehnologice (I.M.S.T.)

In the Romanian higher education context, the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems of the University Politehnica of Bucharest is one of the largest, with cooperation agreements with prestigious universities: Ecole Centrale (Paris and Lyon), INSA Lyon (France), South Bank University (London, UK), Technical University in Darmstadt (Germany), Technical University in Torino (Italy) etc.
partner orenstein

Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group

The group was founded with the intention to provide financial services and business consulting at a professional level to the highest international companies.
partner rsm scot

RSM Scot

Founded in 1994, SCOT provides assistance and tax advice to its clients, as well as other specific professional services.

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