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Planit – Production Planning

There are numerous elements that can be taken into account when it comes to efficiency gains in production: better coordination between the departments involved, compliance with deadlines, reduction of production time taking into account not only the actual fabrication time but also the time needed to prepare the production line and the list goes on.

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It must be understood, however, that one of the major common challenges that manufacturing companies face – no matter how different the resulting products, processes and policing rules are – is the difference between demand and production capacity. The production planning software solution Planit provides a tool for creating and administrating an efficient production plan using existing resources.

What does Planit offer?

  • Support in making decisions related to production planning process, taking into account a wide range of factors
  • A tool in day-to-day activity of the planners
  • A solution for the allocation of resources and production operations planning in order to achieve optimal results without the modification of capacity

Powerful and flexible computing tool

Planit offers a flexible mechanism connected to already implemented ERP solutions and to other sources of data relevant in the production planning process, as well as a number of complex calculation algorithms. The solution takes account, for instance, of the correlation between production line and certain features of the final product or of certain competences and certificates required for employees to be assigned to a route or manufacturing machinery.

Multiple scenarios

How does my planning change if I add another production or sale order? By how much is an existing order in the system delayed if the planner decides to move another order in front of it? Planit application answers all of these questions. It correlates a sequence of operations with the existing resources (whether it be machinery, production lines, working centers, vehicles, employees) taking account of the dependence between them. Thus, you can create simulations and scenarios according to the needs of each company.

Procedure for calculationg the status

Planit integrates a special mechanism for the calculation of current state, as well as warning tools – text messages, color patterns. That way you can view, at any time, production orders in progress, the scheduled start and end time and the estimated one, resources involved.

Different ways of data display

Understanding the differing planner needs, Planit has functionalities in order to display differential information on screens, to create filtering, grouping and visualization mechanisms, to design Gantt charts. Gantt charts are more than a display mode, representing a real – time planning space, with “drag-and-drop” capabilities and dynamic charts.

Benefits of Planit implementation:

  • Increases efficiency of the production process
  • Reduces planning time
  • Includes in the planning a virtually infinite number of invoices (operations, resources, dependence, constraints)
  • Offers transparency and maximum visibility on processes
  • Reduces planning errors
  • Offers the possibility to analyze “what – if” scenarios.