Advanced Development Technology

Uniface provides a model-driven environment for the rapid application development of enterprise mission critical applications, for fast deployment and unrivalled productivity.

  • Some of the biggest companies in the world use Uniface-based solutions, all having one thing in common: they are all mission-critical solutions that are core to business success
  • The applications, supporting millions of users worldwide, range from a real time ERP system to point-of-sale retail applications for numerous well-known retailers and everything in between.
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Uniface provides unparalleled flexibility in your choice of technology and can access data sources from multiple vendors, in multiple versions, on multiple systems and in multiple languages.


With Uniface, developers are able to focus on user experience and business logic rather than coding, enabling them to build mission-critical applications faster than other deployment platforms


Uniface applications effectively scale to meet new business requirements whether it be user growth, access to data or adding additional business functionality


Application security is crucial. Uniface is Oracle and Microsoft certified for technology security, and a specialized company permanently verifies the implementation components to ensure an independent audit


Uniface allows development of efficient and robust application for mission-critical areas of each business


Our joined team of experts combines extensive software knowledge with a business oriented mind-set, translating business problems into flexible, long-lasting and maintainable solutions covering the whole application development life-cycle.