Antares Romania

antares romania
Descriere Antares Romania, leader in the production and sale of seats, is a part of Antares International, with offices in Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia. The subsidiary in Romania began its operations in 1998, with selling furniture items produced within the group. In time, domestic production has grown exponentially, becoming today one of the leaders in this field.

Antares Romania demands were related to the need for business development, through solutions that can ensure:
• tracking budgets and forecasts;
• monitoring sales targets;
• management of premises for sale;

Solutii The platform implemented for Antares is based on WizPro ERP solution, to which were added the solution for business intelligence Panorama and the warehouse management application WarehouseExpert, which offer together a unified and comprehensive tool for business management.

An extra performance brought by WizPro to Antares is that once they take the customer order, the system automatically displays the products delivery date, whether or not they are in stock. Once the order is inserted into the system, the supply needs are automatically calculated. Through a single input, WizPro optimizes work processes with customers, manages and forecasts orders to suppliers.

WarehouseExpert is used to follow and manage through each unit of stock from the warehouse receiving, inventory management, lifting and handling, loading and delivery. After the implementation of WarehouseExpert, Antares can instantly find the exact location of every product and thus the delivery process is streamlined.

The Panorama BI solution offers simplicity and flexibility in analysis and reporting. As a subsidiary of a multinational company, for Antares Romania, performance reports are easily extracted from Panorama, using information taken from Warehouse Expert and WizPro. Delivery time is much easier to comply, and the transportation costs and storage is easier to follow.

Marturie One of the reasons I chose Wizrom products was that they gave us a complete solution, integrating on a single platform all our specific activities.