Patru Maini

patru maini

I will briefly describe some of the advantages WizPro brings to us:

  • Orderliness, structuring, traceability of all activities in all departments
  • Homogenous database
  • Standard/ especially developed reports, as well as the report generator
  • The facile connection with other analysis programs
  • The logistics module where we can easily manage all data related to transportation services (technical data, capacities, transportation companies, useful spaces, real costs)
  • For the sales module we added the web module for collecting orders through PDA, as well as a mini-module for orders import/ export in electronic system ECOD-EDI. Thus, orders are taken very rapidly, by just clicking a button, reducing operating times and implicitly the needed personnel
  • All modules benefit of “business rules” and “data generators” which force users to correctly fill-in the forms and which implement automatic data fill-in, significantly reducing errors
  • Easy Excel utilization by data import/ export from/ to WizPro
  • Payroll information import/ export between WizPro and WizSalary