Power Electric

power electric

Power Electric, with its trademark Can & Power, is present on the Romanian market since 1994. The company activates in the specialized lighting sector, providing solutions for office lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting, commercial lighting, sports lighting and lighting poles. Can & Power Product Portfolio is divided into four major groups: lighting, light sources (lamps) and equipment, electrical systems and components for low voltage lighting and lighting poles. Besides these groups, our company also provides cables for heating and defrosting Razchem Tzco Thermal

In 2009, Power Electric achieved a turnover of 11,815,588 RON (2,788,471 EUR), with an average number of employees of 22.

Also, from January 1st 2010, the company is a FEGIME Romania (European Federation of Independent Distributors of Electrical Materials) member, which represents the third group of acquisitions in Europe with over 180 distributors and a market share of 9%.

Provocare Confronted with the need to coordinate and to modernize all management systems, Power Electric, a company specialized in professional lighting solutions distribution, has chosen to implement the ERP application provided by Wizrom -  WizPro.

Considering the company’s profile - which involves working with many parts that make up the products, that can also can be required by customers in many custom configurations, WizPro solution for enterprise resource management represents the normal choice for Power Electric.

WizPro was considered the only solution that can provide a Market Gate portal for Power Electric  partners, through which they can have direct access to two modules, one that will provide financial and accounting information and one that will give them access to information about stock, in real time and also allow them to send electronic orders.


Through WizPro ERP, Power Electric can integrate all the necessary tools in order to analyze management performance, with updated information in real time, using also three-dimensional graphics for displaying data. WizPro provides also independent operation by each department and user, with automatic connections and global control.

By implementing WizPro solution, the company gained benefits such as:

  • Obtaining a full view ,in real time, of the business activities;
  • It runs on a platform that allows developments and also adding new modules with minimal cost;
  • Obtaining complex reports, customized on the specific requirements of each department and each company, but also centralized reports;
  • Integrates all the necessary tools for a modern business management, without the need of using other systems or duplicating the information input;
  • Complete solution, integrating on a single platform all the company’s specific activities.

I can say I am a loyal customer of Wizrom, considering that we work together for over 12 years, using several solutions in Wiz portfolio.

It is difficult to talk about just some functionalities that I use daily or that I enjoy most. Still, what I do like about this solution? I discover new features, I can add new reports, as they come necessary in the business processes.

How much does WizPro help us? Shortly, this is our success story: in the first year after WizPro implementation our turnover grew, although Romania faced recession. How much did it grow? Substantially, and in part the growth was due to the new system as well, system which allowed timely sales analysis, operating and interrogation speed, implementation of complex commercial policies - things essential for our business. We can consider this a common success, reached with common efforts and surpassing tensed moments, a useful experience and a pleasant collaboration, offering us an outside vision and ideas based on Wizrom's experience in previous implementations.

Reprezentant Florin Niculae
Functie General Manager