4 out of 10 medium and large companies have included mobility in their 2014 IT strategies. The trend holds for 2014, too

The number of medium and large companies including mobility in their annual IT development strategies has doubled compared to 2012, according to a research by Wizrom Software based on the specific requests of applications submitted by clients.

The research relies on a representative sample of 186 medium and large companies, out of the total number of clients, of which 43.1% have included mobility apps and modules in the IT development plans for 2013, from 21.3% in 2012.

The managers are getting ever more mobile and onwards, their organizations, too, especially the sales departments. Four out of ten clients have clearly requested last year adaptation of implementations to the new mobile paradigm, which triggered us, for example, to produce a customized version of our ERP solution for mobile platforms”, Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager Wizrom Software, says. “If I look at the forecasts for this year, I think the trend will hold in 2014, too”.

Adopting mobility in the IT strategies doesn’t mean only implementing mobility solutions specific to sales and logistics, such as SFA and WMS, but includes also adapting any other type of solution, ERP included, to make them compatible with the mobile platforms and accessible from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

The boom of smartphones’ sales last year, signalled by the mobile telephony carriers too, has been mirrored by the demand of mobile solutions and mobile access to solutions traditionally accessed from behind a desk. Wizrom Software continues to invest in technology in order to adapt solutions to the mobility demanded more and more by teh dynamic companies.