A new Wizrom division comes to support FMCG distributors

Wizrom Software, the company with the largest number of ERP customers in Romania, launches a new division specialized in the supply chain management – storage, loading and transport, targeting both freight carriers and companies managing car fleets, as well as logistics firms.

Thus, Wizrom comes to support the companies that will have to compensate the next year’s cost increases, imposed by the introduction of the new petrol and diesel excise and the 1.5% tax on gross accounting value of special constructions (including loading and unloading platform) starting 2014.

"The new division aims to reduce Wizrom customers’ transport and logistics costs by optimally using their resources, by shortening the route planning, optimizing delivery, decreasing loading and delivery costs, improving the service quality and, last but not least, even cutting CO2 emissions, " stated Adrian Bodomoiu, Wizrom General Manager.

For example, within two months of starting to use the new division’s services, the average mileage registered by the client, respectively the delivery deadlines may decrease by up to 35%. Also, due to work load efficiency, the volume of transported goods can increase by up to 10-15%, in the same time period – which means higher revenues with the same resources.

Thus, the transport and logistics companies will optimize their costs, due to lower fuel consumption, but also due to maximum efficiency usage of available resources, without any investment effort in software or hardware. The service is available on a monthly subscription basis.

The solutions used by Wizrom’s new division can be directly connected to any other SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle software solution, or other business software providers.