Eight Romanian resident physicians will work at the largest hospital in the Middle East

Wizrom Software, one of the leading ERP solutions providers in Romania, announces that the selection for Romanian resident doctors who will work, thanks of SHI Training Fellowship scholarship, for three years at the prestigious university hospital of Sheba Hospital in Israel, is completed

Moreover, due to the outstanding potential proven in the selection interviews by most of the candidates, the sponsor, Wizrom Software, together with Sheba Hospital, decided to expand the number of scholarships from six to eight.

"I'm glad that I had the chance to meet personally these resident physicians which confirmed me that Wizrom initiative is an important step in developing future leaders of Romanian healthcare system. Analyzing the judging committee conclusions which ranked two candidates in second place for two of the medical specialties, I immediately decided to extend the investment. I know that is, more likely, one of the best decisions of budget increasing for last years" said Mr. Eli Davidai, the entrepreneur who controls the company that sponsors the internship program, Wizrom Software, one of the leading ERP solutions providers in Romania.

The eight Romanian resident physicians who gained scholarships are: Lavinia Estera and Camelia Taran Decean for neonatology specialty, Adrian Necula, Lavinia Iovan and Monica Andreea Sandu, for anesthesia / intensive care specialty, respectively Cosmin Florescu, Daniela Necula and Ana Alecsandra for pathology specialty.

Additional scholarships for SHI program has been decided for a resident physician of anesthesia / intensive care specialty and one in pathology at the end of the selection interview held on 11-12 December 2012 at the Wizrom.

"Participating Resident Physicians proved themselves to be very well trained and highly motivated. Thus, the jury of pathology specialization agreed that Daniela Necula and Ana Alecsandra together are on second place, " said Dr. Iris Barshack, Head of Pathology at the Sheba Hospital in Israel, chairman of the selection committee for pathology specialty.

In turn, Dr. Haim Berkenstadt, Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department at Sheba Hospital and chairman of the selection committee for this specialty, said "I am impressed by the quality of the Romanian candidates and I'm glad I will have the opportunity to work with Lavinia Iovan and Monica Andreea Sandu, who both of them won second place."

"I want to congratulate all the candidates and I want to assure Camelia Taran and Lavinia Estera Decean, that at the end of the program they will have the necessary knowledge to be leaders of the next generation of neonatologists in Romania," said Dr. Tzipi Strauss, Deputy Director of Edmond & Lily Safra Neonatology Department at Sheba Hospitals in Israel.