Panorama Necto was ranked #1 in Gartner Report on 2013 in most of the analyzed categories

After investing a huge amount of effort, working closely with customers wishes and needs, it is official that it was worth it!
Panorama Necto, our innovative BI product was ranked #1 in more categories than any other BI application and got the highest score of all 40 BI products in the latest Gartner report on 2013!

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With Panorama, companies go beyond BI insights and engage in proactive business management. Panorama allows the entire organization to leverage and use the BI system. Panorama’s Business Intelligence solution provides advanced analytics for power users and self-service features such as Collaborative BI, Contextual Data Discovery and process automation for business users. Regardless of BI experience, users can get easily focus on important and relevant data to for business decision making. – See more at: