Saas dooubled the growth rate of the clients in Q1

Wizrom is the first provider of integrated software solutions and services in Romania to adopt SaaS licensing model (Software as a Service) for all the solutions implemented at new customers, from the beginning of 2013. The results are reflected in an efficient and a long-term cash flow and also with a double growth rate of the customers.

"At the end of 2012 we adopted a strategic decision to support our customers, taking into account their requirements to streamline operations using our solutions, on one hand, and on the other hand, to invest in technology and also to maintain a comfortable cashflow. In addition, after a certain period of time, the customers can adjust the number of licenses used, unlike traditional license acquisition when once the system is yours, it is paid even if it is no longer used. The SaaS model assures payment only of what is used" declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager, Wizrom Software.

Wizrom adopted SaaS licensing model in 2011, recording a positive response from a growing number of customers, so in 2013, it is set to be a standard for all new contracts. From the beginning onwards, new customers can adopt our solutions without a massive initial investment, which is an advantage for any company in the current economic conditions.

I declared in the beginning of 2013 that the main trends are related to optimizing operational costs including the adoption of software solutions, implementing applications like Warehouse Management System and also the process of replacing older ERP applications with new, better, stronger solutions at a better cost of ownership. Wizrom is in this trend, providing its customers with all this solutions and with the advantage of making the investment spread over time" explained Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu.

Wizrom signed with 74 new customers, in the first quarter, this means a growing of the number of customers with 14% compared to Q1 2012 – which is double the growth rate in the same period, last year, which was about 7% compared to Q1 2011, due to the adoption of SaaS model licensing.

"We have ensured our customers a new, long-term and excellent cash flow, while delivering the complete required solutions. Thus, even if we finished the first quarter at the same level with last year, we face a much more comfortable period speaking in terms of revenues. Wizrom is close to its clients and fully understands the actual economic constraints, providing the most flexible financial solution to purchase software in Romania" declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager, Wizrom Software.

Wizrom registered at the end of March 2013 a total of 3,620 customers and total revenues of 1.6 million euro, in the first quarter.