The first half of the year brought to Wizrom a request for solutions and services in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Czech Republic

Wizrom Software, a member of the Wizrom Group, recorded in the first half of 2012 an increased demand for solutions and services in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Czech Republic, according to an official statement issued by the company representatives.

"We have at least one new customer every month in each of these countries, which represents a major change compared to the previous years. And we are speaking of major projects, generated either by our clients in Romania who are expanding their operations or by companies from abroad with whom we work in Romania and decide to adopt our solutions also at their their headquarters" said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

Wizrom Software has recently completed its applications portfolio by becoming the local partner of Infor, the third largest company of software services in the world. In 2011, Wizrom Software has signed contracts with 206 new customers, ending the year with 3.285 customers. In 2010, the company registered 159 clients, and in 2009 – 150 clients.

The income structure has been maintained: 31% of revenues came from sales of licenses, 34% from maintenance services, 35% from other business services (business analysis, processes, customizations, development, outsourcing, etc.).

At the end of last year, Wizrom had 140 employees, the same number as in 2010. Recruitment plans for this year aim to increase the sales force by 30%. For this year, Bodomoiu declared that Wizrom’s goal is to maintain the revenue growth rate.