The new WizAnalyzer – Module for dynamic analyses (March 18, 2010)

At the finalization of a new version, much more complex, of the reporting and analyses module WizAnalyzer, Wizrom invited both customers that were in the implementation process and potential users to a presentation seminar. The new WizAnalyzer now includes four cubes – sales, financials, inventories, acquisitions – with multiple reports and selection possibilities, such as:

  • Comparative sales per year, month, etc.
  • Top sales in quantity and/ or value
  • Profit & Loss
  • Actual cashflow
  • Evolution of cash received, payments, amounts to be paid and cashed
  • Stocks ageing
  • Stocks per warehouses, product groups, etc.
  • Evolution of acquisitions.

During this meeting, those present were able to see in detail the reports that will be implemented, the selection types the application includes, and asked our consultants specific questions, function of the company's requirements.