What are the business environment expectations from software providers in 2015

Software providers will have to make increased efforts in 2015 to preserve the value of the software market given that companies, forced by the competitive environment and the fiscal context, are trying to do much more, but with less money.

This is the conclusion of an analysis made by Wizrom Software based on the activities and demands of over 3,800 clients, which revealed, on the other hand, a new trend in the software and services field.

To cope with the dynamic business context and the pressure on profit margins, companies have begun to widely adopt automation and integration processes solutions, which represent the number one choice for our clients. In second place is to adopt solutions for efficiency and smart optimization of business processes”, declared Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager Wizrom Software, the company with the largest number of ERP clients in Romania.

Over two thirds of the company’s clients have placed automation and processes integration in the top of the list of priorities for 2015. On the second place in terms of priority lie efficiency and optimization solutions, followed by outsourcing processes on non-core activities.

It is about the tendency to focus on results on the main activity, while all other activities and collateral processes are outsourced to specialized suppliers. We are talking here about outsourcing operations such as HR, IT, accounting, transport and so on”, explained Adrian Bodomoiu.

Another priority, at the moment ranking 4th for the business environment, is represented by planning and budgeting solutions which allow work on “what if” type of situational scenarios, extremely useful when planning investments in expanding companies.

Wizrom Software is prepared for 2015 with an extensive portfolio of solutions and services aimed to provide customers a competitive advantage in the business environment.