Wizrom finalized 2011 with a turnover of 6.15 million Euro

Wizrom Group (Wizrom Software, WizSalary Software and foreign subsidiaries), a leading provider of integrated software solutions for business management in Romania, finalized 2011 with a total turnover of 6.15 million Euros, with an increase of 4%, compared to last year's turnover.

Most projects that Wizrom initiated in 2011, which led to the company’s major revenues, were derived from the sale of licenses and services in the following verticals: production, auto, retail, wholesale and distribution.

Last year, Wizrom Software signed contracts with 206 new customers, ending 2011 with a total of 3.285 customers. In 2010, Wizrom Software added in its existing portfolio 159 new clients and in 2009 – 150 new customers.

"In 2011 we identified a growing demand for outsourcing services and solutions acquisition as Software as a Service (hosting services and renting), as more and more clients have chosen this model in order to optimize their Cash-Flow. Basically, one of five new customers signed in 2011, selected SaaS licensing model. Interestingly, large companies and also multinationals began to adopt the SaaS model, due to its advantages: allows to implement solutions in a short period of time and without any initial investment from customers, " said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

SaaS licensing model is based on cloud computing and all the solutions provided by Wizrom Software, that are suitable for this type of use, are: Necto (Business Intelligence application) and also ERP solutions, CRM and SFA.

The company’s revenues were derived from the sale of licenses, the value for this segment represented approximately 31% of the total incomes recorded by Wizrom Software, maintenance – approximately 34% and other business services (business analysis, processes, specific developments, outsourcing, etc.) that represented approximately 35%.

Wizrom Group registered last year a total of 140 employees, the same as in 2010. For 2012, Wizrom plans to increase the sales force by 30%.

During 2011, Wizrom launched WizRetail, a solution for the companies that activate in the retail business vertical, WizWhy, an application for all companies that activate in the services industry with a major purpose: to prevent losing customers, and also Necto, a BI solution that transfers the "social networking" phenomenon in the companies management .