Wizrom launches a new WizPro version

Wizrom Software launches this summer a new version and optional modules for the WizPro ERP (Enterprise Resurce Planning).
WizPro solution, one of the lead products offered by Wizrom Software, is an international ERP solution, adapted and customized for the economical and legal environment in Romania. The application has been implemented in over 22 countries, available in most of the internationally known languages. On the Romanian market, WizPro is one of the top ERP applications that is already being used by more the 100 companies form different industry segments.
The new WizPro version, that will be available starting with this summer, uses the latest Microsoft technologies, .NET 3.5 and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Due to these technologies, the new version will be web-based and accessible only with the help of a web-browser like Internet Explorer.
Along with the new version, Wizrom will also offer a series of additional modules for the optimization of specific business segments. Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director at Wizrom Software, said: "Beginning with the development of the Romanian companies, the demand for specialized modules for the optimization of a certain business area has increased considerably. Taking this trend into consideration, Wizrom Software has adapted its solutions to the market demands by launching the new WizPro version – easier to use, with a modern graphic interface – that will include additional modules like Business Intelligence, Warehouse Management System, Supply Chain Management, Product Data Management, Ecommerce, Travel and Expense Reporting, Construction and Contracting, etc.".
According to the general market development in the near future in the software solutions segment, Wizrom intends to offer WizPro also as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Thus, the application will be hosted on Wizrom servers. The beneficiary would only have to pay for the use of the solution a monthly part payment, that will include the licenses, maintenance for the application and the infrastructure for the necessary operating servers and systems. The company already has experience in this field, hosting at the moment 350 users in a professional data center.
Regarding the company's target for 2008, Zemy Apfelbaum added: "For this year, we are looking forward to release the new version of the ERP WizPro and we are estimating up to 3 million dollars of total revenues on this segment. Also, we are focusing on an increase in the number of new clients, Wizrom's target for this product being of 30 new companies for the medium and large business segment".