Wizrom reports 24% increase in turnover

Wizrom Software reported a 24% increase in turnover, from 3,89 million dollars, after the first semester of 2007, to 4,83 million dollars in this year's first half. For 2008, Wizrom estimates a turnover of approximately 10 million dollars, in comparison with the reported figures of last year: 7,5 million dollars.
Wizrom's main products are the ERP (Enterprise Resource Palanning) solutions WizPro and WizCount. WizPro is a complex system dedicated to the management of commercial and production companies, which includes financial, marketing and sales, purchase and inventory control, production modules, all found in a single instrument. Regarding WizCount, this unitary system is designed to cover the entire accounting domain, fixed assets, sales, distribution, stocks and reports, being on of the most well-known management solutions of its type. During this year's first semester, both WizPro and WizCount had a similar increase in sales as the company's turnover, approximately 25% in comparison with last year's same period. The cumulated sales of these products total about 60% of the company's income.
Another well-known product is WizSalary, a payroll solution of the latest generation, dedicated to any type of company, regardless of the type of activity or number of employees, specially designed to solve all payroll problems. This autumn, Wizrom will launch a new version of this program that will be compatible with Microsoft SQL Server data base. WizSalary sales represent about 17% of the company's total income.
The product with the most outstanding increase of this year is Panorama Business Intelligence; the product has cumulated sales with an increase of 59% from last year's same period: 300.000 dollars, only during the first six months of 2008. Panorama is a Business Intelligence Solution that offers companies an efficient instrument to extract and analyze, from the data base, only the relevant and useful information for the decision making process. Wizrom is expecting 600.000 dollars sales of this product, taking into consideration that 2008 is the second year since Panorama was launched on the Romanian market. "Most economic sectors have already past the middle development stage, and in order to evolve, a company now needs more then standard reports: to take the best decisions, it needs an accurate analysis of the information it holds. In 2007, the world-wide BI market grew with more then 13%, and the first companies specialized on this segment were bought by bigger corporate companies from the software field; this says a lot about the trends of this market segment. In this context, Wizrom is anticipating a significant growth of Panorama sales, both on medium and long term", Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom Software, said.
Wizrom will continue to develop the hardware consultancy and maintenance segment launched this year. "Surveys of IT management views on ERP solutions showed us that more then 80% of them consider such a solution to be essential for their business activities, but the one thing they want most from their software providers is a good integration of the system. This is why Wizrom is now developing its products and services, by the help of One1 Software, one of the leading IT&C companies in Israel, in order to offer its customers complete software and hardware solutions. Our strategic partner, One1 Software, has a wide experience on the hardware field, its business in Israel being 50% based on infrastructure services", Apfelbaum added.