Wizrom revenues up 8% in 2012 to 6.65 million euro

Wizrom Group (Wizrom Software, WizSalary and foreign subsidiaries), a leading provider of integrated software solutions for business management in Romania, recorded in 2012 the largest increase in revenues, compared with the last three years, up 8%. The net value registered was 6.65 million euro.

Last year has also generated the largest number of new customers – 261, equivalent with an increase of 7.36%, raising the total number of Wizrom customers at 3.546, with an installed licenses base of over 32.000.

"Last year we indicated that Wizrom is a strong company, able to have a positive track regardless to any economic environment fluctuation, due to changes operated both in the structure level and in the business model. We offer our customers the ability to implement our solutions based on SaaS model, providing a fast and excellent ROI, we launched in 2012 innovative and powerful business solutions, we've partnered with prestigious software producers," said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager, Wizrom Software.

The main drivers of growth in 2012 were: the development of the national partners network, the verticalization of our ERP solution (WizPro) on new niches such as agriculture, construction and transport and the continued growth of sales force recorded last year. The company also gained success with BI solutions, CRM, SFA, and logistics. The Services vertical recorded the highest growth last year, followed by manufacturing and wholesale & distribution.

Wizrom estimates for 2013 a positive development mainly due to an increased interest from the business environment in operational costs optimization with software tools – we are talking about applications like Supply Chain Management (SCM Demand Planning including Warehouse Management and Distribution Management), useful also in prospect of including traceability in the food industry, or in the process of replacing the old ERP applications with new ones that are stronger and with a better total cost of ownership.

In 2012, the income structure was: 31% of revenues from licenses sold, 34% from maintenance services, 35% from other business services (business analysis, customizations, development, outsourcing, etc). Wizrom Group registered at the end of 2012 – 160 employees, with a 15% increase compared to the end of 2011.