Wizrom’ salary application marked the 600,000th employee

Almost one in five employees in the private firms is having the pay-check processed through an application provided by a Romanian software company.

Over 1,800 firms of all sizes, from SMEs to big corporations in all fields, inclusively financial, with more than 600,000 employees, are using WizSalary, the payments processing application, which practically makes Wizrom  the largest provider of software solutions for the salary payment in Romania.

“More than 18% of the employees of the private firms in Romania have their pay-check processed through the WizSalary solution. Last month we noticed that we reached the threshold of 600,000 salaries processed through WizSalary with the help of the 1,825th customer, a manufacturing company with over 500 employees” said Anca Cîrstoiu, the head of the HR solutions division within Wizrom Software.

Most of the salaries processed with the help of WizSalary are in the manufacturing vertical, followed by those in the financial services, respectively distribution and retail. The smallest firm using WizSalary has 5 employees, and the largest one over 10,000.

Wizrom Software provides ERP systems (the provider with the largest number of ERP clients), WMS, TMS, SFA, CRM, BI and others, having 4,100 active clients and over 40,000 licenses deployed.