Wizrom Software announces the implementation of a suite of monitoring systems from Ayehu Software Technologies company

Wizrom message to company managers: forget about the system failures!

Locked systems? Inaccessible applications? Not with Wizrom Software, the company with the largest number of ERP customers in Romania. With our new nine series of systems, we ensure the continuous functionality of the solutions used by Wizrom’s clients.

After introducing Romania’s first (and currently the only) Business Intelligence solution with social media features, Wizrom Software continues its technological innovations by implementing a suite of monitoring applications for systems information from Ayehu Software Technologies. Ayehu publishes eyeShare, an enterprise-class, lightweight IT process automation solution, whose unique advantage is the ability to proactively prevent system failures.

“One of the most important things for a company manager to know is that he can rely on software tools through which he manages the business. Operational continuity is vital in any domain, but for something like this, an effective monitoring system is necessary", said Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager Wizrom Software.

Wizrom uses eyeShare by Ayehu to analyze the functioning of information systems and to assess whether or not the risk of any problems exist, limiting the average downtime period by up to one hour per year.

"The operating principle is simple, conceptually: the application from our partner Ayehu analyzes the functioning of the information systems and sends alerts whenever a given parameter crosses a designated threshold. Moreover, once these protocols are applied, the rule can be extended to all similar systems that are monitored. It is the ideal tool for companies that want their information systems uptime as close to 100% as possible", said Adrian Bodomoiu.

eyeShare, the applications suite from Ayehu, can also be used for detecting software dysfunctions, ensuring a remediation time up to 90% shorter due to rapid diagnostic ability and a set of rules and templates for solving problems that can be customized according to a company’s unique needs.

"We are pleased to have entered into this partnership with Wizrom, which gives us access to an important new market in Romania where we can offer solutions for all IT process automation issues related to networks and IT systems. eyeShare is indispensable for companies that are managing critical systems", said Gabby Nizri, Ayehu CEO.

The partnership is a step forward for Wizrom in offering cloud services through SaaS licensing and is part of the company’s strategic objective of becoming a premiere solutions integrator, which implies a continuous process of increasing the portfolio for these kinds of applications.

The solutions for IT Process Automation also known as Run Book Automation, Unified Incident Management and Alert Notification and Escalation offered by Ayehu Software solves IT problems up to 90% faster, while also reducing manual labour, creating more time for other management tasks and improving the quality of provided services.

All these solutions are available for implementation through Wizrom, which employs experts in verticals such as wholesale and distribution, retail, manufacturing, services, banking, insurance and automotive, thus completing the Romanian company portfolio. Moreover, all those who are interested and, especially, the owners and administrators of data centres are invited to test the new solutions.

About Ayehu Software

Ayehu Software is one of the most important Israeli companies producing solutions for IT process automation. Implemented in large companies and supporting thousands of companies from domains like technology, communication, internet, media, insurance and retail, Ayehu solutions are helping IT professionals to identify and solve critical issues up to 90% faster, thus minimizing the impact on the company.