Wizrom Software brings the first B.I. solution with „social intelligence” features

Wizrom Software started over 20 pilot projects with clients in all areas with the new innovative social B.I solution, Necto, the first of its kind, which transfers the "social networking" phenomenon in a management concept.

The new Business Intelligence solution from Panorama, Necto, provides users a new way to link information from those who provide them, and also from those who supervise them. Necto reports the emergence of a new generation of collaborative BI solutions that allows to exploit the power of "social intelligence", in order to have complete information with a higher relevance.

"Now we have the first BI solution that brings social media in the business management concept and offers a direct interaction in the application, with all other users. The new B.I application represents the most adapted solution to an innovative management style, which takes into account the need for interaction and collaboration, to meet the increasing targets, " said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director, Wizrom Software.

Necto has three new features: social intelligence, automated intelligence (Cause-Effect analysis), and self-service.

Social Intelligence allows interaction between users in the reports, in a manner similar to Facebook. Since Panorama has developed OLAP technology, sold in 1996 to Microsoft, who has transformed it into SQL Server Analysis Service, Necto B.I solution connects natively with Microsoft products: Exchange, operating systems, Office programs etc. Users within an organization can attach to all the analysis (sales, for example) any form of media that can help you to understand and relate in an easier way: photos, graphics, movies. It also allows an associative search of references on Google, Facebook or Twitter, by association with elements of the analysis.

"Imagine a commercial spot, plus a TV audience report and a .ppt file with the results of a poll, attached to a regional sales graphic report in order to help the management to associate all sales growth for a specific product with marketing promotion!" added Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director, Wizrom Software.

Moreover, Necto allows "conversation" on reports or graphics, in the same way you post comments on Facebook. Based on these specific B.I social functions, the management can analyze in real time how the organizational ecosystem works to obtain common goals.

Automated intelligence is the function that allows you to identify and classify exceptions based on which are created all events alert. Necto represents the first B.I solution that can allow you to define exceptions, based on the recorded data. Search algorithms can identify any anomalies in the data evolution, which actually leads to the generation of exceptions.

Exceptions are defined, for example, as a sudden decrease in sales for one segment or in a particular region, or their growth, the emergence of unplanned costs and more. With Necto, the management can identify not only the event, but may correlate all symptoms with other company activities, visible in the application, identifying the causes of the exceptions. They are Cause-Effect analysis.

Self-Service functionality allows users to access all information they need and also to create necessary reports without requiring IT involvement. For any company, the gain is double: the IT department can focus on IT issues, while users can generate graphics and analysis in the Business Intelligence solution. Collaboration tools and process automation allow users to focus on data analysis, than on sorting information – which is automatically generated.

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About Wizrom

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