Wizrom Software recorded a strong growth in the Manufacturing sector

Industrial production growth since last year has allowed firms in the manufacturing sector to recover from the shock of economic crisis, one of the effects was the resumption of investment in information technology, with rapid effects in lowering operational costs.

This revival has meant to the group of companies Wizrom (Wizrom Software, WizSalary and foreign subsidiaries), a leading provider of integrated business management solutions in Romania, a doubling of demand for specialized applications and services from companies in the manufacturing sector.
"Companies are looking for greater efficiency for their business, because they have to carefully manage the logistics and production costs, especially since orders do not come so often that by late 2008. Human and material resource planning requires a very high degree of automation. Wizrom software solutions implemented on its customers hold enough or more computing power to ensure efficiency by 10% to 25% of production costs and time costs, according to the procedures used prior to implementation, "said Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director Wizrom Software.

Wizrom Software implements for the manufacturing vertical a complete business solution that is centered around the ERP – WizPro, the only application available on the Romanian market with complete CRM functionalities – and a few other very useful applications for production companies: WizSalary (complex application for payroll and personnel management), WizTime (integrated management application of labor costs for equipment and operations) and Panorama BI (Business Intelligence solution).

"The most important advantage is brought by a software solution that enables the production capacity planning, demands for materials and raw materials, labor requirements, and delivery to the customers. We recorded cases where Wizrom solutions have generated savings of 20% in operating costs in the first 12 months after the implementation", said Adrian Bodomoiu.

Among the companies in the manufacturing segment that have chosen Wizrom in the last 12 months, we can include: Cramele Halewood, Caroli Prod, Romtec SA, Jeras Prod.

Founded in 1992, Wizrom Software is specialized in software solutions for business management, for the following business verticals: Wholesale & Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Banks, Insurance, Automotive, also providing professional services for IT systems, consultancy and expertise for all categories of businesses.

Having more than 3,000 active customers with more than 28,000 installed licenses, Wizrom constantly achieved over 10% market share in the last few years