Wizrom: the demand for upgrades increased 4 times, amid economy’s recovery

The first quarter of the year revealed a new trend on the software and services market, amid companies’ will to seize as fast as possible the economic recovery.

Thus, during January-March period, the number of companies requesting major upgrades for the solutions currently used has increased almost 4 times fold yoy, to over 100. They’ve requested for upgrades for ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS and many others.

It’s been a period which we have correctly anticipated and for which we got ready with procedures very well designed and a previous increase in the number of business consultants. The revival of the economy is obvious to the Wizrom’s clients, too“, said Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager Wizrom.

The main request of most of Wizrom’s clients who made the upgrades was to increase automation, in order to have more accurate data and, therefore, analyses and forecasts.

Like in sports where the winner ends up by being declared winner based on fractions of seconds or millimetres, so as in business, the performance relies more and more on technology. In production, in industry, in agriculture, in services, in almost any field, the software solutions are becoming the element which, besides the manager’s or entrepreneur’s imagination, make the difference“, said Adrian Bodomoiu.