Wizrom wants to become the leader of SFA solutions market

Wizrom took over the Romanian distribution of ASKI SFA (Sales Force Automation) solution, developed by PocketLink – world leader of mobile solutions. Wizrom already has a significant experience on the SFA market, with over 1,800 users for the application promoted until now – WizTop.
ASKI is an organizational system that redefines the world of mobile sales, involving and synchronizing the whole team taking part in the sales effort. The solution provides last minute information in the market, as well as direct data from the computer.
ASKI analyzes annual sales targets of Regional Managers and divides them on time periods, going to daily objectives. These are also assigned based on market areas, customer or products categories, etc. Regional Sales Managers receive, in real time, on their own mobile devices, key performance indicators over the accountability areas, sales historical data, targets to achieve. The same system is also applied for the sales agents: they receive data about personal sales objectives, performance indicators for the distribution area, comparisions between real sales and the targets to be reached. Real time performance indicators – green/ red – provide a more easy to view analysis for objectives by customer, product, group of products, so that they become clear and more easy to pursuit.
Even more, ASKI creates promotional offers for products, groups of products or consumer segmentations. The system gives a complete overview on the market, contributing on the decision making process for establishing sales targets for promotions, helping production or acquisition departments function of the company's defined puposes.
ASKI has three main components: the mobile module for the sales team, the management console and the web application developed for connecting the sales team on the field to the managers. ASKI SFA uses its own database (thus not being limitated by the IT system capacity in each company) and interacts with existing solutions (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) based on a simple integration process.
"In the future, WizTop, the product provided until now by Wizrom, and ASKI SFA will merge into one unique solution, so that the company's customers will benefit of the functionalities of both solutions and the modern technological platform of ASKI SFA", Mr. Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom Software, stated.
The market of sales force automation solutions is rising considerably. According to estimations made at European level, the growth rate is forecasted to around 22% per year between 2007-2013, while incomes declared last year by SFA solutions providers exceeded Euro 250 millions. In Romania, the increase rate is even higher, Wizrom assessing an annual growth of at least 30% in the next several years.
"The Romanian market is becoming more mature and the sales and marketing of the companies should be not only more and more aggressive, but also monitored and controlled in real time, so that the SFA solutions are becoming indispensable for the companies where the main activity evolving around marketing, distribution and selling products is achieved through the sales agents" , Mr. Apfelbaum showed. "By taking over the ASKI distribution, we are setting ourselves to reach a market share on the SFA segment of about 20% in the next two years", the same Zemy Apfelbaum emphasized.