How can you find the perfect ERP system for your organization?

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You took the decision to implement an ERP system but you don’t know where to start searching for the perfect contractor for your company’s domain? First of all, you have keep count of what the employees want: some of them may be enthusiastic, but some of them may be skeptic because of the fact that they think they might not know how to handle such a software.

In case your team is part of the last category then you make sure that you choose an easy ERP software using the following advices:

1.Simplify the business processes. An ERP system represents a part from resource planning of the company; the processes that are in your business will define the complexity of the ERP system. Thereby, you should first simplify the business processes from the interior of the company before your start implementing an ERP system.

2.Analize the needs of the company to know exactly how the ERP implementation can help. Along with the managers of the departments of the company you have to analyze very well which are the needs of the company and which is the role of an ERP system in the firm activities. With a list of precise “requests” it’s almost impossible to choose the wrong ERP system.

3.Which are the features and how easy you can use the ERP software. Take in consideration the challenges that the company is confronting and which of them can be solved through and ERP implementation. Evaluate what software solutions would cover these features and which do you plan to use. If it is possible, plan a demo with the contractors so you can see if the employees find the platform easy to use and if it allows them to fulfill their daily plans.

4.Imply the entire team. The ERP solutions tend to be implemented by the managers to reduce the costs and to develop the business, both processes been supervised by the entire management team. If the rest of the employees are not engaged in the decisional process of choosing and implementing an ERP system, then probably the final solution will not fit with the needs of the employees that will have to use it daily.

The ERP system represents an important instrument in every organization, and this could have a big impact over a business: planning activities, research and development, supply chain management, sales, marketing etc. There are numerous ERP systems available, that is why choosing the right software for the company needs a lot of dedication and attention from the managers.