How do you realize that you need to implement an ERP system


If you are having a small business that doesn’t mean that implementing an ERP system is something you don’t need. The truth is that a small business needs to be more agile than the competition.

Nowadays, no business is too small or too big to implement an ERP software.

Lots of companies have the impression that they can handle without an ERP system but the question is: which employee likes to make financial calculations manually and to manually separate mountains of data in all kinds of archives? Which employee likes to waste tons of hours doing reports and data tables manually? Implementing an ERP system will ease and streamline the return of every employee at the work place.

Here are some reasons and benefits of why you should consider implementing an ERP solution:

  • Generating useful information in real time – The fact that you will have urgent or less urgent information available, at any time, it will help you as a manager, but also the employees of the company when you will have to take the best decision. Lots of the decisions that are taken inside of a company are risky and put in danger the good development of it because the employees don’t always have time to collect the necessary data. An ERP system will centralize the data and will transmit it in real time.
  • Improved visibility – generally, the clients of a company have the impression that you can give them real and fast data when they need. There are moments when the clients want you to deliver an urgent order, but the employees are not sure that there are enough stock to honor the order or to deliver in due time. In cases like that, the role of an ERP system is to offer exact information about the stocks and visibility on every operation and on the supply chain.
  • Generate fast reports – The end of a month can be a true burden for some employees of the company because of the reports that they have to prepare. An ERP software can generate instantly all kinds of reports that can be personalized after the preferences of the client/employee. Also, the ERP solution can sense if there are any abnormalities, can simplify the repetitive entrances and other activities that are complex and time consuming.
  • The satisfaction of the clients is increased – Implementing an ERP software will help you to retain customers and to create a connection between the company and them, offering the exact delivery data, inventory data and the DIFOT rate ( Delivered In-Full, On-Time ).
  • Give a performance analysis of the business – the software that are available nowadays are very modern and are offering  performance analysis on the business. This helps the owners to get a better understanding of the way their business works, what are the market’s directions and also which are the client’s preferences.
  • The return growth of the employees and managers – An ERP system allows the employees to plan more efficient their work time succeeding to focus on the priorities of the company.

The ERP software won’t come on a “standard size”. This kind of system is divided in various types that are adapted specifically for certain jobs or industries and that ca be customized acting to the necessity of the company that uses it.