When do you need to implement the sales module of an ERP system

cand ai nevoie de implementarea unui soft erp

If you are a company that wants to improve the supply chain, then you will definitely need to implement the sales module in the ERP system. The efficiency growth in sales and distribution process helps the companies to maintain the competitive advantage.

The role of a sales module of an ERP system is to manage the entire sales process by inserting the price quotation, sending the offers, generating the most complex reports, sales forecast for the next periods etc.

The most important characteristics of a sales module of an ERP system are:

  • Allowing the definiteness and management of the company filiation so the organization can analyze the sales on individual filiation
  • Centralize the prices and product discounts, you can introduce prices on every customer or customer groups, order prices etc. and discounts on certain products, per family or global discount
  • Establish prices and payments
  • In case you also have the financial module, you can have detailed information about payments: the account code of the client, the address where the payment is done, dates about the bank account, credit limit, taxes etc.

So if you already have implemented other modules in an ERP system ( the stock management module, capital assets module, financial module etc. ) it is so much better because the sales module is in a tight connection with other modules.

The sales module from an ERP system will give you the chance to carry recordings  for the sales representatives and to calculate the commission based on the prices from the sale orders, invoices or receipts. Also, you can establish the commission percentage that every representative will take for all the orders or on some article groups, like the maximum discount that the representative can offer to their clients.

The sales module  of an ERP system can process sales orders, a primordial function for every company. The integrated sales module can allow to an organization that uses strong instruments,  but simple in the same time, to process easy and with accuracy the requests, the sales and orders.

Even if we are talking about business like e-commerce, B2B or B2C, this module can be successfully integrated in any ERP system.