Why the communication is important in a company after the ERP implementation?

Implementare ERP

Communication is a very important aspect that takes part in the implementation process of an ERP system.

An ERP software has the role to achieve particular goals, no matter if is about profit growth or a better efficiency in the company. No matter how expensive or complicated the ERP implementation is, it won’t have a big impact over the business if there isn’t a good communication strategy between the managers and the employees of the company.

A lot of companies offer to their employees training sessions after implementing the ERP system to help them to get used with this software, but also to raise the level of communication between the employees and the entire organization.

Here you have some advices of how you can improve the level of communication in your company after implementing an ERP system.

  • Announce the change. In this way the employees of the company will be interested to take part in the training of using the ERP soft.
  • Early communication. Make sure that you inform the employees in advance about the change that is going to happen in the organization.
  • Share FAQ. Make a list of questions and answers and send it in the entire organization or in the department where the implementation of the ERP system will take place.
  • Constant communication. Try to maintain a constant communication with the employees during the training, keep them informed about the changes that are happening and in which stage the ERP implementation is. In this way it will be easy for them to concentrate and apprehend the information during the formation and accommodation process with the ERP software.
  • Keep count of the feedback. The feedback of the employees should never be neglected, especially during the training and the ERP implementation.

The communication is an essential key for the general management strategy of changing at an organizational level. Using ideas and innovative tactics to transmit various information about the implementation of an ERP system towards the employees it will ensure you a better and successful implementation.