150 new customers for Wizrom in 2009

Wizrom registred for 2009 a total contracted value similar to that in the previous year. Also, despite a general tendency to reduce investments, 150 new customers were added to the existing portfolio. The group turnover (Wizrom, WizSalary, external subsidiaries) was USD 9 millions.
As in the last several years, the main incomes were generated by selling licenses and services for the financials-accounting solution WizCount and the WizPro ERP. If we take into account this area, although the value of the contracts increased with 5%, not the entire income was registred by the company for 2009, due to payment installments offered to customers.
WizSalary solution, market leader for payroll, personnel management and human resources segment, surpassed the level of half million employees administrated with its help, target announced at the beginning of 2009. In this moment, WizSalary administrates 20% of the employees in the private sector, being used by over 1,550 companies in all fields of activity.
"The logistics solutions, meaning applications for routes optimization, SFA (Sales Force Automation) and WMS (Warehouse Management System), registered the most significant growth in 2009 (about 20% as compared to last year), surpassing for the first time USD 1,5 millions threshold. This frames a general trend companies embraced – that of implementing optimization solutions for business processes, which bring a fast cutting of operational costs" – Mr. Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom, states. ASKI SFA solution that Wizrom distributes and implements on the Romanian market starting with the autumn of 2008, imposed last year due to its functionalities and modern technological platform, bringing significant incomes for the company.
The Business Intelligence solution, Panorama, maintained for 2009 the level of the last year, providing incomes of USD 0,7 millions.
Among well known companies that made an option for Wizrom solutions during 2009 we can mention Mechel Campia Turzii, Groupama Asigurari, Power Electric, New Kopel Romania (Sixt) or Dockyard Islands stores.
"For 2010 we expect to keep the same turnover rate and we will continue to focus on promoting business optimization solutions, which I consider will maintain an ascending trend", Mr. Apfelbaum concludes.