2013 has been a difficult year, but some segments had good results

Adrian Bodomoiu Wizrom 3small

The overall economical situation put an increased amount of pressure on the working system of companies, forcing them to act faster and more efficiently. Based on this trend, Wizrom Software has developed a new working method through which the amount of time necessary for implementations will be shortened with up to 10% starting January 2014, thus providing the new clients cost cuts for the software projects.
„We have transformed Wizrom in one of the most dynamic companies by closely analyzing the reactions and needs of our customers and we reached the conclusion that the reaction speed has become a criterion as decisive as our prices and quality of our solutions. A shortening of the implementation time will bring considerable benefits to our customers”, declared Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager Wizrom Software, the company with the biggest number of ERP clients in Romania.
During the year the number of contracts in the manufacturing segment, where companies chose WizPro, has increased with 60%. On the other hand, the company will finish the year with a 67% increase in retail and distribution segment, after having a 90% increase during the first half of 2013.
“Our clients obtain relevant cost cuts using optimization solutions of supplying, production, storage and delivery processes thus compensating the negative trend in consumption, showed also in the official statistics”, declared Adrian Bodomoiu.
The services segment, in its turn, reflecting the economical situation maintained its level from 2012, while the auto market registered a step back concerning the demand for business solutions. On the other hand, investments in business solutions for the telecom, real estate and banking domains have reached a stop.
“The premises for 2014 are much better that then ones in 2013. The value of implementation contracts signed in T4 for which we will start executing in the following year has doubled in comparison with what we had at the beginning of 2013” stated the GM of Wizrom Software.