Alka Trading goes one step ahead the competition by using a mobile application

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Alka Trading, part of Alka Group, one of the biggest players on the Romanian sweets, salty snacks and coffee market, has planned and achieved a sales force efficiency increase, reducing the sale time per client by using a mobile app.

The application, installed on smartphones, helped the company's sales representatives, who are visiting the stores to freshen up the inventory, to reduce the order time, to have at hand the virtual catalogue with the real time updated stocks, all leading to a shortening by 15% of the average time spent with an Alka Trading client.

"First of all, the sale act is shorter and 100% secure as information. The sales force is based on this application, which is an incredibly accurate help. We plan more carefully the act of sale, and integrate the marketing campaigns with the SFA application so that we have the necessary tools for any type of competition in the field. In addition, the solution was customized to such an extent that we can list reports anytime, anywhere, the information being updated in real time", said Cristian Petcu, Deputy CEO Group Alka.

The application used by Alka Trading is ASKI SFA provided by Wizrom Software, set up to enable the management, in addition to the specific sale activity, that of merchandising, reporting, or attracting new customers, too.

"Two months after signing the contract, AlkaTrading, whom we thank for the choice and trust, begun working with ASKI SFA solution and after another month all the specific functionalities were already developed and integrated. A differentiator key of this solution is that it allows customized commercial policies generated as per each customer’s profile", said Adrian Bodomoiu, CEO Wizrom, the company with the largest number of ERP customers in Romania.

"Alka Trading is one of the first companies in Romania who used a SFA solution developed in-house at the time. We decided to implement a new solution, a modern one, with Wizrom’s help because it is Romania’s representative of a famous SFA solutions manufacturer, developed for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS platforms, which we selected based on the team’s experience and also on the best value for application’s benefits", stated Cristian Petcu.

In Wizrom Software’s portfolio there are more than 10 companies operating in the same market segment as Alka Trading.