Atlas Corporation chose Wizrom for document management

Wizrom Software implemented in Atlas Corporation, one of the major players in the building materials market, the document management solution: DoxPro.

Atlas Corporation manufactures and distributes high quality exterior finishing, hydro and thermal insulations systems, under the brand Apla (Atlas Professional Line Application), with distribution through open branches all over the country.

Given the large number of customers and huge amount of tax documents that needs to be manage, the company decided to implement a document management solution – and they choose Wizrom Software for the best quality / price ratio.

"I looked primarily for a partner with good references with a scalable and flexible, easy to implement solution, at a good price. Wizrom committed to organize our documents – e-mails, financial proposals, contracts and other documents – to have an improvement in our internal processes, especially since our employees must have access to these documents. The fact that we collaborate with Wizrom for more than ten years was also an important criteria, "said Mr. Adrian Golat, IT Manager, Atlas Corporation.

Having three lines of business – distribution of building materials, construction, production and import of electronics – Atlas Corporation uses DoxPro to improve the flow of documents, to simplify and shorten the steps, and off course to be able to quickly access archived documents when needed. Also, the big number of customers and suppliers requires a special attention for correlation of the documents received and issued.

Atlas Corporation estimates that the investment will be recovered within a year, when will also become obvious the long-term benefits: standardized division and company procedures.

"We will have a complete image of the implementation benefits after an initial period of six months after completion. Our estimation is that once the entire document flow will be computerized, it will increase accuracy and also the speed of response to suppliers, especially to customers, "said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

About Atlas Corporation

Present on the Romanian market since 1994, Atlas Corporation manufactures and distributes complete systems for internal and external finishing and hydro and thermal insulations, with exceptional quality standards, under the brand Apla (Atlas Professional Line Application). The complete product portofolio includes emulsion paints, decorative textured paints, primers, fillers, putties, adhesives, hydro insulations based on cement or bitumen, extruded and expanded polystyrene etc.. The most popular products in this brand, which is a guarantee of quality and durability for all professionals in the field, are: washable paint AplaLux, plaster of white cement-based finish or extruded polystyrene AplaFill AplaXFOAM.

The whole activity of Atlas Corporation is divided into distinct divisions and each is a strong player in the market where it operates. These divisions are: building materials, office spaces and warehouse rental and electronics.

Atlas Corporation addresses the end user either through the network of authorized partners, or through direct sales team, specialized in each of the areas where the company operates.

About Wizrom

Founded in 1992, Wizrom Software is specialized in software solutions for business management, for the following business verticals: Wholesale & Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Banks, Insurance, Automotive, also providing professional services for IT systems, consultancy and expertise for all categories of businesses.

Wizrom consolidated its visibility and its regional position by opening the two subsidiaries in the Moldavian Republic and Bulgaria. Even more, Wizrom is currently involved in projects with multinational customers in Serbia and Hungary and disposes of a network of local certified partners