Distributors and carriers can recover the losses caused by blizzards with a software solution

Distributors and carriers, using the route optimization solutions, can achieve savings of up to 25% of budgets and resources used before implementation, according to an internal study conducted by Wizrom Software on a sample of over 50 companies.

Wizrom Software, a leading provider of integrated business management solutions in Romania, has over 100 customers in the distribution, retail and transport areas which are using Roadnet Transportation Suite solution. This application allows route optimization and shaping and also fleet management in real-time and more.In about two months after the final stage of the implementation process, each of these customers recorded a decrease of the fleet loading by one quarter, leading either to transport cost savings or gave the ability to support growth without the acquisition of more resources.

"The best example of route optimization is UPS company, whose trucks do not turn never left, thanks to routes calculation by using a solution similar to Roadnet TS. Well, here in Romania, doing left in the current traffic is probably more expensive, in this way, the solution that we provide companies is a tool for time and fuel economy, enabling our customers to really make significant savings and also meet constant growing requirements of their customers. It's just an example of efficiency, "said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager of Wizrom Software.

Thus, this solution provides optimal planning of transportation routes, enables the conversion of delivery order in dynamic routes, enables real time tracking of vehicles in relation to planned routes and provides strategic planning of logistics activities, eliminating estimates and manual tracing of the risk.

Roadnet TS is especially useful now when, both vendors and carriers, have experienced significant losses in February cause by blizzards that have paralyzed transports on national roads, railroads and alos on the water. These losses can be recovered quickly through optimized delivery routes – which allow an increase up to 25% utilization of the transport fleet.

"February may show in the annual revenue of a distributor or a carrier a loss up to 8% of turnover because of all outstanding transport. Using Roadnet TS solution and optimizing delivery routes, these companies will not only cover the loss, but may record a net increase of revenues without increasing operational costs, "said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager of Wizrom Software.