For 2008 Wizrom Software intends to continue its ascending trend and to consolidate its position on the market

In 2007, Wizrom Software, one of the first four software business solutions providers on the Romanian market, grew its turnover by approximately 36% compared to 2006, reaching its 7,5 million dollars target. The contracted value in 2007 reached a total of 10 million dollars, similar with the budgeted figures. An important source of this growing tendency may have been the 350 new customers contracted the same year. By the end of 2007, the company had approximately 2,800 active customers.
Sales of WizCount and WizPro, the company’s main products, totaled almost 50% of the turnover in 2007. The sales value for Panorama Business Intelligence, a software solution for business analysis and management reports, reached 400,000 dollars.
During 2007, WizSalary consolidated its position as the lead product in payroll solutions and human resources management. 15% of the total numbers of employs in Romania, approximately 375,000 people, have their salaries calculated with the help of our solution WizSalary.
“For 2008 we estimate a growing tendency for the development of the software market field in Romania. Companies are continuously looking for better and more efficient solutions to optimize their business processes. Wizrom will follow this trend and focus on logistic solutions like Warehouse Expert, solutions for improving the stocks level like Logility Voyager Solutions and solutions developed to facilitate the delivery routes management – Roadnet Transportation Suite”– Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director at Wizrom Software.
For 2008 Wizrom expects a growth of the turnover with around 30%. Concerning the inner development of the company, Wizrom will focus on the Enterprise department – a company division specialized in offering personalized and efficient solutions for large companies in Romania. The department has a strategic partner: One1 Software Technologies – one of the most important software companies in Israel.