In 2013, companies will invest in software solutions for operational control

Processes by which companies become more competitive have usually two major stages: in the first stage the management team will reduce costs by standard methods, and in the second stage, they will optimize costs using modern tools – software solutions. "We are talking about the optimization of operational costs in terms of control and an efficient allocation of resources, using software solutions. Companies in manufacturing, logistics, transport and services can continue to optimize operational costs using Wizrom applications that provide intelligent solutions to their problems. Specifically: if a production company cannot reduce the number of employees without endangering the activity, it is a possibility to offer a greater efficiency by adjusting inventories of raw materials according to a more precise demand, an increase in the orders fulfillment and in service quality – and this is just a simple example, " declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software, a leading provider of ERP solutions in Romania.

In 2013, we enter the second stage of this process, which means that this year the focus will be on software applications that optimize production, logistics, distribution and transportation, according to Wizrom Software, a leading provider of ERP solutions in Romania. Historically, 2009-2011 meant for most companies reducing costs, 2012 was a year of waiting and 2013, as it is announced by economic analysts, requires a new way of working with operational costs.

Another reason for which optimization applications – like Warehouse Management Software (WMS) – will rise in 2013 is the entry into force starting from this year of the obligatory existence of raw materials traceability in the food industry – as part of the legal framework at EU level. All companies in this field, regardless of their position in the production chain, from raw material suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, distributors or retailers will have to adopt WMS software and connect it to their ERP systems in order to track products as is been required by the European Union: from the farm gate to the buyer's cart.

Another trend in 2013 that manifests since last year is represented by the replacement of the old ERP systems with new, better, stronger applications, at a lower total cost of ownership. "We are talking about applications used in the early 2000s and perhaps more recently, recommended to be replaced in the previous years – but the economic crisis has delayed this process. Now, pressed by the need to have an accurate picture of their own business, managers will begin to change old programs with modern ERP solutions and this will support the market in 2013, "explains Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu.

Practically, all trends of 2013 – in Wizrom’s view – are focused on installing and using software solutions to generate profits from control and increasing the operations efficiency and also improving the cash flow.

With B.I applications included in Wizrom’s portfolio, managers can plan and simulate additional scenarios based on different variables that are particularly useful for accomplishing the assumed budgets for 2013.