Lower operational costs for retail and HoReCa companies, using a solution from Wizrom

Competition and the pressure of the economic context, which reduced the consumers’ willingness to spend as much as they did in previous years, imposed companies in retail and HoReCa to adopt solutions in order to increase the efficiency of the operations.

Thus, an important number of retail and HoReCa companies, with over 500 POS have implemented since the beginning of this year WizRetail solution, especially created to cover the requirements of retailers with a large volume and rapid sales flow.

„We are talking about over 500 stores and restaurants where the employees are using WizRetail, an essential tool for managers in this area, where the prompt reaction to customers’ needs and the capacity to coordinate sales and stocks are essential. Part of this success is due to our national partners network, that is in permanent expansion and for which we are preparing a special incentives program”, declared Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director, Wizrom Software.

WizRetail is the optimum solution for restaurants, coffee-shops, bars (allows orders to be automatically transmitted to the kitchen, recipes management, promotions administration – including „Happy hour”), stores and warehouses (offering the advantage to track in real time sales and inventories evolutions), commercial chains (giving multi-location sales visibility).

The solution proposed by Wizrom for retailers and HoReCa companies automates all operations, from goods reception to sales, offers in any time correct information about sales/ stocks/ prices, increases customers’ loyalty through prompt and high quality services, as well as many other facilities, like employees’ control.

Due to the fast-paced activities this solution is designed for, as well as the functionalities it includes, WizRetail solution can be used in just days from the acquisition, with a fast return on investment.