Which are the main trends in software and services in 2012

Pressures of reducing operational costs and the cash flow limits shows two major trends in the IT business solutions market, in 2012: embracing Supplier Relationship Management, and also Saas (Software as a Service).

With a growth in revenue from SaaS during 2011 and a 10% share from new contracts, Wizrom Software, a leading provider of software solutions and services in Romania, estimates that this specific licensing model will have a major growth next year, due to the obvious advantages for the customers. Saas is basically a licensing model based on "renting" software solution, which is stored in a "cloud computer" and the user has also Internet access.

A big advantage is that SaaS model does not require a major initial investment fee, and the user can pay a monthly cost, also it does not require any hardware costs, which a traditional implementation imposes. Those hardware costs servers, cooling systems, backup power supply, personnel for monitoring and maintenance. Wizrom Software successfully uses this licensing model, "said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

Next year, more and more medium and large companies will adopt SaaS licensing model, while the traditional licensing model "on-site" will remain the favorite of small & medium businesses , especially since one of the conditions of the European development fund is that the beneficiaries need to purchase licenses and all the related and necessary hardware equipment.

But the trend that can be already identified and will be evident in 2012 refers to the emergence of a new concept for Romania, Supplier Relationship Management, whose role is similar to the CRM solution, only that it refers to suppliers.

"It is not enough to increase sales, a major company will always oversee all costs and especially in their staggering and cash flow management. It becomes increasingly important for any company to carefully manage their relationship with suppliers, delivery terms, payment terms, to reduce procurement costs and reducing time in delivering customer orders, "explains Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

If SCM (Supply Chain Management) is the solution that addresses the inventory component of the relationship with suppliers, SRM is designed for helping all management representatives at a relationship and financial level, as CRM solution is designed for customer relationship management.

"SRM solution addresses mainly to production companies that are working with many suppliers that have complex production processes and must provide both an optimal supply, as needed, but rather a balance between all payments to suppliers and the receipts from the beneficiaries, "said Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director of Wizrom Software.

SRM and Saas could be part of the solution that Romanian companies could use to cross a difficult period that is emerging: a provider management software solution, which do not require an initial investment.