Wika has chosen Wizrom for a simultaneous implementation in 4 countries

Wika, a global leader in instruments for measuring temperature and pressure, adopted to implement WizPro, the ERP solution offered by Wizrom, in four countries located in South-Eastern Europe: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.

With manufacturing facilities on five continents and headquarters in Germany, Wika delivers specific instruments for measuring temperature and pressure all over the world, generating annual revenues of 730 million euros with 7,300 employees. The company decided last year to integrate the four most recently opened subsidiaries in the central information system and used a regional provider that can work integrated in the four countries in which Wika decided to implement: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.

Wizrom met simultaneous multiple requests from Wika – the experience proven in implementations in South-Eastern Europe, the availability of WizPro solution to be localized in four languages ​​- Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Croatian – the possibility to adapt software solutions to their specific processes.

“We implemented WizPro from Wizrom in the subsidiaries located in four countries and the result is that our daily tasks are clearly better met. “Our efficiency has increased considerably with this implementation "declared Mr. Sorin Balasko, IT Manager, Wika Austria.

The implementation lasted two months for each subsidiary due to the efficient work procedures used by Wizrom consultants. They adapted WizPro solution to the legislative requirements and those of users from each of the subsidiaries involved in the process. Each location has undergone a quality control step, improving activities and information flow, throughout the entire process of sale/supply, from the first contact with the client until the contract signing.

"This implementation at Wika was a project in which we all have proven that we know to work at a regional level and WizPro can adapt to local requirements, whatever they may be. Our consultants have been at the height of the mandate given by the client, whom I thank in particular for its trust, "declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, C.E.O, Wizrom Software.