Wizrom announced 80 car shops in the network of Dacia Renault Nissan

All 80 authorized car shops in the network of Dacia Renault Nissan that are using eCars21, a dealer management solution (DMS) implemented by Wizrom Software, will achieve an increase in operational efficiency with 50% due to a new application developed especially for the inspection of vehicles entering into service.

The new mobile application for eCars21 named “Fisa Tur Vehicul/Certificat de Control (FTV/CC)" allows a significant reduction in the vehicle inspection procedure period (filling in the form) at its receipt in service, by using the tablet connected via WiFi to DMS-eCars21, the dealers IT system. Furthermore, the service and parts advisors can generate spare parts and accessories sales easier thanks to a better interaction with the vehicles owners and also by completing the Control Certificate information on the tablet.

"Implementing eCars21 solution in our network improved the company’s ability to forecast demand for spare parts, which generated an important cut in our cost of inventories and better business results. The first car shops have implemented this solution since 2006, we have now 80 who use it" said Mr. Mircea Coman, head of experts department – Renault Commercial Roumanie Network Division.

Implementing FTV/CC mobile application by Wizrom simplified the procedure for vehicles inspection: if before the service operator had to complete a written form (Fisa Tur Vehicul) with visual inspection findings/information and the client’s observations, and then had to transfer this information in the system, now this procedure (filling FTV) is made directly with the help of the interface on a tablet connected via WiFi to the IT system. The result is translated into operational efficiency and a good impression for the customer.

We have eliminated a lot of paper work from this process and, especially, we have reduced to 60% the time for visual inspection, which means a lot for improving our customer satisfaction. The implementation lasted one day, including staff training and the investment has an accelerated recovery rank "declared Mr. Costel Stroe, Executive Director, S.C. Amat Pitesti SA concession, Dacia Renault dealer – one of the services that already use FTV mobile solution for eCars21, implemented by Wizrom.

According to studies conducted globally, dealers who use this solution obtain an increase in revenues of 10% per serviced vehicle, within six months from the implementation. Specifically, revenues recorded per serviced vehicle increased, on average, with 30 euros.

"It is a good example of the way our IT solutions helps to streamline operational costs shortly after the implementation is completed. We provide a variety of such IT solutions and the number of customers who require them is increasing, " declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, CEO, Wizrom Software.